Blog Review 818


Just why housing benefit costs us all so much money. It's quite mindboggling how the government conspires to make its own procurement more expensive.

For those amused by Richard Murphy. It would appear that he's unaware of what an audit is for.

So what that they're spending more money on diagnosing dementia? It's still a social problem, not a medical one.

For those of you who saw the "how to be a lefty writer about Africa" article, here's the author explaining what it all means.

It would appear that at least part of the BBC could be described as the public relations arm of Greenpeace.

Bailing out the car companies. Would thing be different if, instead of each car manufacturing job supporting 5 others, it was actually 0.3 others?

And finally, there are two El Gordo's in Europe and only one of them is worthwhile at a 6% break even chance.