Blog Review 826


Some of us were saying that the Detroit Three really did need to go into Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to get themselves sorted out (if that was even possible). Here's a story of what happens when you don't have that legal stucture around such a complex process. Those in the know get preferential treatment.

An excellent point made. All large companies are now software companies.

Wouldn't you like to know where all the tax money goes? Well, here's at least some of it.

Could it be that Krugman's greatest fault as an economist is that he simply doesn't believe public choice theory?

Using barkingly bad statistics to back up an even more barkingly crazed policy prescription.

An 'orrible and foolish idea. Plus someone who doesn't believe in it but doesn't think it's that crazed.

And finally, squeeze 'em and squash 'em good.