Blog Review 830


A very interesting indeed speculation about how advancing science might make certain moral certitudes untenable. It's already true that the ideas of Simon Baron Cohen on systemising and empathic aptitude (on average!) differences between men and women are rejected, not because they are wrong (which of course they might be) but because the implications are uncomfortable to certain such certitudes.

Yes, of course the current crises have people arguing for what they want anyway....whether or not it solves any of the current crises.

This gas crisis. The gas gas crisis, not the American petrol one. Something that would simply go away if we had a proper competitive market.

And no, we do not need to have masses more storage for said gas. It's stored very well right where it is, underground.

Perhaps (and no, this isn't satire) the return of town gas would be a good idea?

All hail the "Lilley Option". It often is the correct thing to do: nothing.

And finally, yes, the rules for the rulers are different from those for the ruled.