Blog Review 831


Oh dear. Another big name author not quite grasping the difference between income and wealth....stocks and flows, stocks and flows!

It isn't just the corporate fat cats that are causing problems for the Detroit Three.

Sadly, this doesn't come as a surprise. Government consultations are consultations of those who already agree with what the government wants to do, not actual consultations.

Another old story: just what are the costs and benefits of EU membership?

Try treating economics as an art instead of a science.

MV equals PQ: although Netsmith isn't quite convinced that V falling below one is quite the disaster being portrayed.

And finally, how things get better. Gays were jailed 50 years ago (or at least could be), same sex marriage is very new and now such of a (conservative!) politician is fodder for the gossip columns just as with a hetero one, rather than the front page of a scandal mag as it would have been only a short time ago*.


*We're, just in case you hadn't noticed, liberals around here. Classical ones, yes, but both economic and social....