Blog Review 850


Wasn't it Will Hutton who claimed that manufacturing industry, the revival of within a banking led form of Rhineland capitalism, was the solution to all our woes? Hmm, wonder how well that's working then?

A primer on market failure and government failure.

When is an inorganic fertiliser actually an organic one? Strangely, if you rape Gaia by mining her, this is OK, but making the same chemical in a lab isn't.

Âpplauding the new President and applauding the old.

If you're going to write about the CDS market it would help if you understood it. The same goes for Polly and banking.

How we can make the banking system even worse. By ignoring property rights.

And finally, a corollary of Muphry's Law* at work once again.

* That is, that whenever you make some snotty remark about someone else's spelling, grammar, historical research, knowledge of pop music or indeed anything else, you will make at least one equal or greater error in the course of said snotty remark.