Blog Review 866


What Adam Smith actually said about the banks....and can we please put this "invisible hand" thing to rest?

With Alex Renton's misunderstandings of the food market there's a certain wonder that he manages to remain nourished.

My word, this anti-terrorist legislation is effective, isn't it?

If certain economies (say, Continental European) have structurally higher rates of unemployment than others (say, Anglo Saxon or even Nordic) then that rather damages the Keynesian case that unemployment comes from a lack of aggregate demand, doesn't it?

A reminder to those who argue for higher taxes: you can always raise your own voluntarily, you know? (HMG runs a similar scheme, cheques to "The Accountant", 2 Horse Guards Road).

Wouldn't it be interesting if we had a truly "accountable" government?

And finally, what they are spending those unaccountable higher taxes on. Charlatans.