Blog Review 880


Getting your money out of Stanford's Bank in time might not be the end of your worries.

There is a publication bias in the publication of studies about publication bias.

John, Monty Python – are you sure that he is one of us?

It's rare enough to find a politician who has heard of Bastiat....but one who actually understands him as well is a treasure.

Defining government "investment": I drank eight pints of Stella and then 'invested' the proceeds against a wall on my way home.

The Krugman conundrum. He tells us that he knows, absolutely, that senior government figures rarely if ever know what they're talking about. Yet he still advocates that these know nothings should run ever greater parts of our lives. Eh?

And finally, a literary critique of the Prime Minister (note, one comment page editor for a national newspaper has told Netsmith that the PM does indeed write his own pieces. Sadly.)