Blog Review 924


One more grenade being thrown at the traditional explanation of the Great Depression's causes. Here higher unionisation and thus higher than market clearing labour rates are blamed.

Just what was it that our politicians were doing before they became politicians. Fell happier about their taking hundreds of billions to stave off a depression now, do you?

It is fun when eminent economists put the boot into other eminent economists, isn't it?

The new head office method of investing passes yet another test. Or, how driving through a motorway interchange proved that RBS was doomed.

Explaining politicians of the left, the right and the centre. The best solution to this problem would seem to be to have fewer politicians with less power.

A battle between the photographer and the police not too keen on being photographed. Unfortunately this is all over there where they have a written Constitution to preserve such freedoms.

And finally, an interesting method of working out how to pay those fewer polticians.