Blog Review 925


Amazing how complicated it can all get, isn´t it? We balme the banks for having made bad bets and we blame them when they make good ones, too.

Or we could of course just insist that they lend to the government so that the govt can lend to hte banks which can then lend to the see how this is going, yes?

One problem with modernisers: they always want to do it their way, not allow others to simply get on with their own.

The problems with reforming campaign finance: the sensible solutions aren´t favourable for politicians and it´s the politicians who get to decide which solutions are deemed sensible...

Why is it that green products really seem to suck?

If you´re really angry at government, why not employ this method to frustrate their latest plan to track your every online move? Or this one?

And finally, the state of British policing today.