Blog Review 929


Yes, the big story today, Guido. Didn't the boy do well? There's not a political blog in the country without a post on this subject so Netsmith will forbear from pointing to all of them.

But just what was Labour doing? Appointing a man with this sort of background to lead their online efforts?

He does seem to have, umm, varied interests, to be sure.

This isn't the only email scandal of course: although there is a certain joy at a columnist and leader writer on a major national newspaper complaining that a story isn't being covered by the, umm, major national newspapers.

An elegant and concise description of what is wrong with politics: politicians.

A few years back, income volatility amongst the poor was the polite thing to worry about. Now that income volaility amongst the rich has increased is it still polite to worry about income volatility?

And finally, when the internet comes for you.