Blog Review 952


Yes, Netsmith supports this. Polly Toynbee for Poet Laureate. She is after all no more than a praise singer....

Quite possibly the best description of the Prime Minister and the influence the Kirk has had on him written to date.

The might not be accurate in each and every particular, this analysis of the interactions between the unions and the Labour Party. But there's certainly some truths in it.

Five things the next government is going to have to do. Anyone believably promising to implement them would get Netsmith's vote, whatever their party label.

The importance of property rights can be difficult to overstate. But some just will not get it. So why not try using the New Testament to explain them?

You really shouldn't believe all of the international statistics you see floating around. Many of them are really not all that accurate.

And finally, Stanford turns himself in. Probably so that he can say he did and they didn't arrest him, so he can say he's innocent, right?