Blog Review 972


Much is made of the need to save local newspapers. There are those who say that maybe local governments, or central, might subsidise them. Here's evidence that there wouldn't be any point in having them if they were so subsidised.

That preference for the unions in the Chrysler bankruptcy. Congratulations Mr. President, you've just made finance more expensive for each and every unionised company.

Why we shouldn't use the Human Development Index as a measurement of anything other than how like Scandanavia a place is.

Politics is so often about squaring circles: and refusing to admit that circles cannot be squared.

Economists don't try brain surgery: so why do brain surgeons try economics?

A very confused Early Day Motion praising Polly Toynbee. She reveals her salary from The Guardian, but not her speaking fees, other freelance income nor her book royalties. We are urged, at her example, to reveal our total incomes.

And finally, where your tax money goes.