Blog Review 995


Now here's a finding you wouldn't expect. Big box stores, and especially the warehouse stores, actually reduce obesity, not increase it.

It doesn't look as if GM understands what went wrong yet. That something did, yes, but not what.

Here's at least one clue to what did go wrong. The managers never actually tried their own products.

Not just the funding of fake charities, but the funding of them so that they stagger on after the Government changes. To continue to propagandise for the fallen government's policies we must assume.

There's no new regulation, only old regulation that has been tried and found wanting already.

Some newspaper articles are so egregiously ill informed that you do rather have to suspect enemy action: surely no one working for a national newspaper is actually that stupid?

And finally, advice for the girls: "If you ever need a date, I highly recommend wearing a meat dress."