Book of the week


My top read this week is Squandered: How New Labour are Wasting Over One Trillion Pounds of Our Money, by David Craig (£7.64 + postage).

The UK government has increased our taxes by around £1000 billion over the last decade (that's an extra £50,000 per household). And what have we got for it? Slick, world-class health and education? A welfare system that really helps people back into work? Or a bigger, fatter, self-serving bureaucracy?

Silly question, really. David Craig's new book shows how the tsunami of extra cash (our extra cash to be precise) has been squandered by department after department. It's a triple whammy of f incompetence, cover-up and cuts. Craig exposes a story of woeful mismanagement that has produced more bureaucracy rather than better service, squandered astonishing amounts of our money, damaged our life and rewarded the person responsible with the keys to Number Ten. Would be comic if it weren't so tragic.

Learn more and buy it here.