Book of the week


heroin_book.jpgWith my Christmas and New Year only just subsiding, I'm tempted to recommend this new title (published 28 January, but you can order it now on our online bookstore): Beat the Booze by Edmund Tirbutt and Helen Tirbutt (£6.49 + pp – normal price £9.99). But it's really about dealing with the problems of serious drinkers. Well... perhaps I'll recommend it anyway.

More to my taste, though, is Junk Medicine: Doctors, Lies and the Addiction Bureaucracy by iconoclastic doc Theodore Dalrymple (£9.74 + pp – normal price:£14.99). Almost everything you know about heroin addiction is wrong, he says. Heroin is not highly addictive; withdrawal from it is not medically serious; addicts do not become criminals to feed their habit; addicts do not need any medical assistance to stop taking heroin; and heroin addiction is more about mentality than biology.

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