Books of the week


politipedia.jpgThere's something sad about the readers of this blog. Election-night News and the Projection Puzzle became (albeit briefly) one of the best sellers on our online bookstore. It's about American election forecasts, of course: an odd science, since once the first vote is cast in New Hampshire, the result's usually known, and everyone in California might as well go home. Hanging chads notwithstanding. But you US-poll fanatics might find it interesting.

If, however, you're a mainstream reader looking for a good stocking-filler for your political geek friends, I would recommend Politipedia: A Compendium of Useful and Curious Facts about British Politics by Nick Inman (£6.49+pp). It's the ultimate quirky reference book for students of the Westminster village. It covers backbench revolts, cliches, Downing Street, techniques for saying nothing in interviews, nicknames, quangos, think tanks, and Yes Minister.

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