Charlotte Bowyer joins the ASI


Having finished 6th form at James Allen’s Girls’ School where I received A-levels in Politics, Economics & English, I am honored to be taking a Gap Year placement with the ASI. Following this I intend to go backpacking before heading off to university where I hope to study PPE at Oxford or Government and Politics at LSE.

I have spent the last two years ranting to uninterested classmates and left-leaning teachers about the wonders of capitalism and a government’s innate ability to squander money and complicate any economic difficulty. I’m therefore very happy to work at a place where my views are supported and I have the ability to voice them. In such an economic climate I think it’s incredibly important that Britain does not turn to the government in hope of economic and social salvation. Today’s government has created an untamable national debt as taxpayer’s money is wasted in unprofitable uses, a bloated public sector weighed down with bureaucracy and a slow and steady erosion of citizen’s freedoms. All of this suggests that no government - be it Labour or Tory - can hope to make Britain a better place without dispensing with megalomania and handing economic and civic freedom back to the public.

In my spare time my interests include eating and lying in bed, djing, taxidermy and learning to crochet.