Cheerio, ASI


After eight weeks of working with the wonderful members of the ASI team, it is time for me to say farewell. It has been a great experience working for the Adam Smith Institute, and I have learned more than I ever thought I would in such a short amount of time.

While doing research and writing about current events, I have gained a much clearer understanding of both the important issues in British politics and the Libertarian outlook on them.  Never in my life have I heard so much about the free market and privatization, but all this talk has helped me realize the value of competition and choice in business. I will bring this new appreciation with me as I return to the US to complete my Bachelor’s degree in Economics at Fordham University in New York City.

It has truly been a pleasure interning at ASI. I wish everyone at the organization the best of luck with all of their upcoming projects and publications. I look forward to seeing how the Adam Smith Institute will impact the policy agenda in the future.