Children are racist, apparently


Thanks to the deep concern of Britain’s overbearing government racism is now being targeted in nursery schools, not with a focus on teachers, no, no that’s already been done, but on those narrow-minded little 3 to 4 year olds.
According to the Telegraph, the National Children’s Bureau, which receives most of its yearly £12 million pounds from the government, has started a new program designed to detect racist attitudes in children as young 3.  The program highlights several ‘potentially racist’ characteristics that teachers and caretakers should watch out for, my favourite being a dislike for spicy foods.

Good thing this policy wasn’t encouraged during my childhood. My revulsion of marinara sauce and garlic in nursery school would’ve alerted my parents to my intense anti-Italianism as a 4-year old. But I applaud the Government for issuing tax money to identify future Nazi’s by their food preferences. It just goes to show that some of the most ludicrous ideas can be the greatest. Or in this case, just downright silly.