David Rawcliffe joins the ASI


I’m studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, at Exeter College, Oxford, where I spend a lot of my time arguing, with anyone who will listen, for the free-market policies Britain needs. Thinking that my tutors and fellow students had probably heard enough, I applied for a summer placement at the ASI, who have offered me a chance to work for them over the next two months.

This is a brilliant time to be working at the ASI. The economic crisis - and the rocketing government spending, surging market intervention, and collapsing trust in capitalism that have followed - has made it more important than ever to argue for limited government, and limited spending; to point out to both policy makers and the public how government interference in the market led us to where we are; and to explain why the government can provide no easy route out. I’m really looking forward to playing a part in that.

As part of my degree I’m taking papers in British and American Politics, Political Theory, Money & Banking and Public Economics, which I hope will all prove helpful here. In time away from work, I‘m generally to be found flying aircraft, sitting in a pub, or playing golf badly.