Eamonn Butler: Top Political Influencer


totalpoliticsTotal Politics magazine has named the ASI's Dr Eamonn Butler as one of the UK's top 50 political influencers. In the latest issue the magazine publishes a list those with the most political sway. Excluding MPs and Lords from the equation (well, it's not like they achieve much anyway), they looked at 'who the key players in 2010 might be, and who will be shaping the political ideas that dominate the election.' Leapfrogging over the likes of the Jeremy Clarkson, Bob Crowe and the Archbishop of York, Eamonn and the work of the ASI are recognized at number 30.

As Total Politics comments, the sources of political influence are becoming increasingly diverse. Nowadays political pressure comes from a variety of sources: the church, the unions, the media, and even outspoken celebrities' opinions. With years of experience and achievement behind us, the ASI is fantastically placed to influence the debate on public policy in the coming months, and will continue to put forward the groundbreaking ideas and solutions needed for Britain's problems. We're pleased to see that Total Politics recognises that!