Eamonn's book launch


ASI Director Eamonn Butler's new book is unveiled at a book launch party at St Stephen's Club in London. With a welcoming speech to introduce it by author and journalist Peter Oborne, the book, "The Alternative Manifesto," sets out what ought to be done to rescue Britain. It's a punchy 12-point plan of radical policies on everything from taxation to drugs policy. There is no doubt that the programme it sets out would transform Britain for the better in very short order.

The new book comes only two weeks after Eamonn celebrated winning, jointly with Madsen, the National Free Enterprise Award for 2010. Madsen, meanwhile, is working on an economics primer for school students, teaching about what does not work in economics in order to highlight what does.

Both Eamonn and Madsen have handsome new websites that illustrate their activities. Eamonn's is here, and Madsen's here.