Farewell ASI


It’s time to say goodbye to the ASI office after a wonderful few weeks. I have to say thanks to all the guys in the office for being so friendly and welcoming. I’ve learnt a lot and really hope to keep contributing to the ASI blog in the future. 

It’s definitely worth bearing in mind the value of the work the ASI do. Just a quick scan of the top stories from the last few days are enough to remind you how important it is to keep making the case for liberty, property rights and voluntary exchange – the introduction of ID cards for foreign nationals, calls for stronger international regulation of the financial services sector and the future of public service broadcasting to name but a few.

In these somewhat economically uncertain times it is all the more important to point out the value of free markets and the pitfalls of excessive government regulation - in particular of knee-jerk reactions against the so-called ‘excesses’ of capitalism. Something tells me things might get worse before they get better.

Good luck!