Five Days in Quangostan


Five Days in Quangostan or more like Five Days in Hell! That's one man's interpretation of what daily life in the UK could soon become, especially if it carries on journeying down the road it's currently on.

Greg Kane, an ordinary citizen, is constantly harassed and hounded by the state. It gets worse when he takes a highly confidential letter from the Chief Constable to the Home Secretary. On top of his day-to-day trials and tribulations due to the idiocy of bureaucracy he now faces up to the state’s trump card, the use of legitimate violence. From the first day in the novel, as a reader, you are left banging your head against a wall at just how ridiculous life is becoming but throughout you hope that the eponymous hero can outwit those that stand in his way of leading a 'normal' life.

This was an enjoyable read, irreverent and entertaining, if not a little worrying as a precursor to what the UK could become like as it slips ever more into the abyss. For my own tastes it is perhaps a little conservative but none the less the general theme is one that both libertarians and conservatives can attest to: the state and its agents are incessantly ruining the lives of the majority. I'm sure any person who reads this book can relate to at least one of the multitude of taxing experiences that the main character suffers. Which is testament to how far we have come down the wrong road!

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