Hayek Essay Contest


The date for the Mont Pelerin Society's 2008 Hayek Essay Contest for young people is nearing its deadline. There are cash prizes, plus free places at the Society's next meeting in Tokyo this September.

The Monty Pelerin Society was established in 1947 by libertarian scholar (and later, Nobel economist) F A Hayek as a meeting place for intellectuals who support the principles of liberty. As in past years, the essay contest named after him is only open to all individuals 35 years old or younger.  Entrants should write a 5,000 word (maximum) essay in English.  Essays are due on April 30, 2008 and winners will be announced on June 15, 2008.

Participants should send electronic versions to mps@heritage.org and hard copies should be sent to The Mont Pelerin Society, P.O. Box 7031, Alexandria, Virginia, 22307, USA. For more information, visit the Mont Pelerin website at www.montpelerin.org. The link to the essay page is located on the left side under the title "Hayek Essay Contest."  The section includes this year's essay question and prize information.