Liberty Fund books


The Liberty Fund Books catalogue for Autumn/Winter 2008 that has just thudded onto my desk is both thrilling and dispiriting. It's thrilling because the contents are all so sound – Hayek,  Mises, Mill, Ricardo, Buchanan, Tullock, Adam Smith, Edmund Burke, you name it. It's dispiriting because at 75 pages of (beautifully-produced) books, tapes, and DVDs being listed, I only wish I had the time to read, listen, and watch them all. Ah well. 

I'm glad to see a couple of Hayek titles coming in November, Hayek on Hayek and a series of wssays on liberalism and Austrian economics, The Fortunes of Liberalism, along with another collection from Mises, Planing for Freedom.

The full catalogue is available here but to order in the UK you need to call or email Liberty Fund's distributor, Gazelle Books ( It's a pity you can't just order online, particularly since Liberty Fund already have many of the titles already online and fully searchable in the Online Library of Liberty. So next time you're stuck of an Adam Smith quote, you can just scan The Wealth of Nations and The Theory of Moral Sentiments there instead of calling us. We'll be far too busy reading books from the Liberty Fund collection anyway.