Master of Austrian economics?

My academic economist friend in Madrid, who goes by the splendid name of Jesus Huerta de Soto, has just advised me of a new course that begins in October under his supervision at the King Juan Carlos University in the Spanish capital. It's a Master's degree in The Economics of the Austrian School. The two-semester (one academic year) course follows the EU norms that are now accepted by the Spanish government and allows students the possibility of upgrading from a Master's degree to a PhD in Austrian Economics – one that would be recognized throughout the European Union. As far as I am aware there is no precedent for this in the world.

The programme covers items such as the Austrian methodological approach, the role and dynamism of markets, the Austrian theory of the business cycle, monetary theory, public policy, environmental issues and – delightfully – the impossibility of socialism. Great stuff.

The University's website will allow students to register but there is more here and you can email the prof himself at or call him on +34 91 488 7743 / 8029.