Patri Freeman: The Seasteading Institute


As we lurch from one government induced disaster to the next, many of us dream of leaving it all behind and establishing our own countries with smaller governments and more freedom for the individual. Patri Friedman, grandson of the late Milton and son of David Friedman has recently established an organization,The Seasteading Institute, to do just that.

The Seasteading Institute is looking into the development of new countries on the sea. Out of the reach of established governments, new laws will develop incrementally, with a step-by-step process of moving from a single seastead to a city seastead and onto forming of a nation.

There are few frontiers left to explore as all land has claims made upon it by governments. There are many who live on boats and ships but no one has yet to develop a nation at sea. (And no, Sealand doesn’t count, as it’s not been recognised nor is it in international waters.)

To find out more about this fresh and innovative approach to how we can reappraise societal and governmental formation, come along to the ASI at the end of March and hear from Patri himself. The Adam Smith Institute is hosting an Evening Seminar, March 31 2009, 6.30pm to 8.30pm where he will discuss seasteading and all that it encompasses. To find out more click here and if you would like to attend please email We hope to see you there! No pirates allowed.