Proprietorial Schools Conference, April 28

The Centre for Market Reform of Education (CMRE) is a new education research and policy unit founded by ASI research fellow James Croft, the author of our outstanding 2011 report, Profit-Making Free Schools.

The purpose of the Centre is to explore and promote wider understanding of the benefits of a more diverse, competitive and entrepreneurial education sector and market-led solutions to public policy issues.

CMRE is staging a private schools conference for proprietors/headteachers, school entrepreneurs and consultants, on 28th April at Fulham Prep School. At the conference James will be presenting the next instalment of his on-going research into for-profit schooling in the UK independent sector.

The conference offers a unique opportunity for proprietors to meet and share their experiences, and to take in the perspectives of leading consultants and researchers. The full agenda, together with speaker profiles and details of how to register, may be viewed here.