Silliest blog comment in the world...ever?

i) As the production of goods and provision of services becomes less labour-intensive, economies need mechanisms to distribute goods and services to those no longer directly involved in production. At some point, state-mediated re-distribution of products and services grows. This leads to extended periods of education and retirement (to keep people out of the workforce), growing prison populations (to keep people out of the workforce), and the proliferation of law creation, law enforcement and law interpretation positions and professions. How will we provide income (a share of the economy) to the laid off police officers, prison guards, soldiers, bureaucrats, lawyers, judges, social workers, teachers, bankers, tax accountants etc. if we shrink government?

ii) In the cell biology analogy to an economy, only a small minority of genes and proteins are actually involved in metabolism (the equivalent of production of goods and services). Most genes and proteins (ca. 80%) are involved in monitoring the environment and regulating cellular activity. So, in a highly mechanized, capital intensive society, it is reasonable that most people are involved in monitoring or regulatory activities, rather than primary production.

Commenter on 'Stop' The Economist.