Spencer Aland joins the ASI


I am delighted to become a part of an institution as prestigious as the Adam Smith Institute. As a student of both Economics and Political Science at Brigham Young University I have gained great respect for the man whose name this great institution bears and also for the timeless principles he introduced to us so long ago. Adam Smith left us with more than a new way of looking at the world; he left us the key to understanding the remarkable order of things in what was previously seen as chaos.

The problem that many politicians and institutions find themselves in today is that they feel as if they have progressed ahead of classical economic theory. They act as if the laws that have governed economic principles since the dawn of man no longer apply to them. Is this a result of arrogance or of simply ignorance? I would argue for the later. The laws of economics are being ignored in this generation and we can see the punishment that the invisible hand can deal to us if disregarded or coerced. The economic future of the world depends on the ability of our leaders to back off the free markets, and yet they insistently continue to attempt to micromanage in a loosing battle. The market has indeed turned to chaos, but we are the cause and not traditional economic thought.

I a big fan of American Football and enjoy a good round of golf when the weather is right. I enjoy travelling and being around friends and family as often as possible.