Subscribing to the ASI blog

Since moving to our new site, some of you have noticed that your RSS feed subscription has stopped working. I've tried to fix the old one, but to no avail, so readers will need to subscribe to a new, fully-functional RSS feed we've set up.

If you're used to reading the website in a feed reader like Google Reader, Bloglines, Netvibes or something else you'll need to resubscribe to our new feed address:

(To those who have no idea what a feed reader is but are curious, I recommend trying out Google Reader - it compiles the text from all of your favourite blogs into a readable, constantly-updated text list of their postings, so you don't have to visit each site individually. It's a great way to stay on top of a lot of blogs.) 

If you're used to getting our blogs by email and haven't been getting them in the last few weeks, you'll need to resubscribe as well. You can do this in the box in the right column: simply add your email to that to get the latest posts from the ASI blog as they're published.

I'm sorry for the hassle of resubscribing. Thanks for bearing with us as we iron out kinks like this in the new site.