The Adam Smith tartan



A new tartan has just been unveiled in honour of Adam Smith. Commissioned by the Scottish Economics Society, it has been designed by Dr David Wishart of the University of St Andrews. Its colours and pattern combine the Ancient Smith tartan (dating from 1886) with the Douglas Hunting tartan (pre-1819), thus also honouring the important contribution of Margaret Douglas, his mother, in raising Adam Smith.

The Adam Smith Institute has congratulated the Scottish Economics Society on their initiative, stating that:

“The tartan design is an excellent one that does honour to the memory of Adam Smith and the contribution he made, not only to Scottish thought, but to the world's understanding and the progress of humankind. It is a fitting tribute to one of Scotland's greatest sons.”

It is expected that ties and scarves will be produced in the new Adam Smith tartan for followers and fans of the father of modern economics to wear with pride.