The Best Book on the Market


The Institute of Economic Affairs held a book launch this week for Eamonn's new book, modestly entitled The Best Book on the Market (subtitle: How to stop worrying and love the free economy). Eamonn told the gathered audience that he learnt the reality of markets in his father's garage, watching him deal with customers as his mother did the books. As a result, when he studied economics at university he quickly realized that the profs had it all wrong. By treating people like robots and trying to make economics a science, they stripped out everything human that actually makes markets work. Unfortunately, lots of bad public policy was (and is) based on these bad ideas.

And that's why Eamonn has written his book – to explain why markets work, why they are a good thing, and why politicians who try to 'perfect' them are evil. He's kept it short and accessible – and full of illuminating examples – so if you liked Freakonomics or The Undercover Economist but thought they were too long, this is the book for you.

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