The kindest cut


In these modern times we have access to designer clothes, stylish jewellery, make up and a host of other potions and lotions. We can even go under the knife to have bits of us either chopped off, sucked out or augmented. All of this is to make us feel better about ourselves, ultimately making us happier. The fact that we can do this shouldn't mean we all have to – we are all different, after all – and as we have so much to choose from we can select what we feel we need.

Whilst many are happy with what they have and the way that their bodies develop with the ravages of time, others seek to fight time and enlist the skilled help of others to stave off depressing feelings about themselves. Surgery which might once have had a purely medical purpose is now being used simply as a cosmetic enhancement to make people look (and in most cases feel) younger, prettier, or more feminine or masculine.

The fact that some women choose to undergo cosmetic surgery for themselves has of course riled the feminists (and others) who believe that it is an abuse and subjugation to a male dominated society. Far from it. It is nothing more than women choosing to empower themselves by altering their body into a shape that is more acceptable, not to wider society, but to themselves.

To those of a hardline feminist ideology women's bodies are not their own, they are all part of one global female collective, a rejection of the individual and a hatred of the truly empowered woman of the 21st century. That women have this power over their own bodies should be celebrated. This freedom shouldn't be criticized, it should be used as a weapon against those who oppress.