The Rotten State of Britain


Some readers might remember Will Hutton's 1995 book The State We're In. It beat up the Thatcher/Major government for how bad things were: overcentralized government, a politicized civil service, huge private and public borrowing, Britain isolated in Europe and the world...

Well, nice try, Will, but Britain's in an even worse state today. It's even more centralized and politicized, even more despised by other countries, and a whole lot more bust. We're nannied, spied on, and bossed about even more. And we've spent trillions of extra cash on our public services – to what result?

The trouble is that, as these political outrages unfold one by one in the newspapers, it's impossible to see the full, shocking picture of what's really happened – and is still happening – to this once-proud country. Like an impressionist painting, you need to stand back to see the reality.

So I've written a new book – The Rotten State of Britain – in which I do just that. I've woven twelve years' worth of facts into a damning indictment of our rotten government, politicians, economy, welfare, healthcare, education, society, values, and the rest. And I've explained how we can stop the rot.

You'll see a link to the book on the right-hand column. It comes out 26 February, but you can pre-order it, at a discount, right now by clicking the link. And every book you buy from the right-hand column brings the Adam Smith Institute a few pennies from Amazon – so get clicking!