TNG with Brooks Newmark MP


alt Brooks Newmark MP, marked Obama's first 100 days in office with a speech as guest speaker at this months TNG meeting. In his description of the new President of the United States, he evaluated that a lot of his policies were, “Bush-like", pointing out that his policy of ‘Big Government’ and the immense fiscal stimulus were not dissimilar to that of his predecessor.

Nevertheless, the main scope of his speech embarked on what Obama has and will achieve in his Foreign Policy. The pull out of Iraq followed by the increased number of troops in Afghanistan is very much heading in the same direction a Bush. Newmark stated that Obama has put significant emphasis on his dealings with Israel, pin pointing that he will continue to promote a two state solution.

As well as this, he highlighted the importance of Iran and how Obama has attempted to improve relations with the country. For now this has wrong-footed Ahmadinejad, though he insisted that the President might be disappointed when his outstretched arm is not taken by Iran. If and when this occurs, it will be in interesting to see how comparable his reaction will be with that of President Bush.