Using Twitter, Facebook and RSS to follow the ASI Blog


Over Christmas many readers won't have time to visit the blog every day, but would still like to keep up to date with the blog. There are three simple ways you can do this.

1) Following us on Twitter. You can find us at @adamsmithinst.

2) Liking us on Facebook.

3) Subscribing to our RSS feed. This is a little more complicated than the above if you don't already use a feed reader like Google Reader, but there's a pretty good guide to using Google Reader here. This is how I keep up to date with the blog when I'm away and is a good way to read a whole post without having to click through.

Of course, all of these are already in the sidebar on the left but they tend to blend into the scenery of the site. We'll be continuing to post throughout the Christmas period so be sure to follow us in some form while you enjoy the festive season!

Update: Ampers has posted an alternative guide to RSS in the comments which might be easier to follow. Well worth a read.