Nice try Shirley but we don't think so, no, really.....

An interesting attempt at negating the Brexit referendum here from Shirley Williams:

Over the next two years, the consequences of our departure from the EU will become clear. Two things are crucial. First, we must see the committed involvement of those representing all sides of the debate in the UK, in the renegotiation of our relationship with the EU. Second, all parties represented in parliament should take part in a committee to oversee the negotiations.

Parties that supported staying in must be part of this committee including Labour, the SNP, the Lib Dems and the Greens, as well as the pro-Remain element of the Conservative party. Consensus has to be reached before any deal is struck and any proposed deal must be approved by the committee before it is submitted to the government.

An all-party approach is essential if the country is to be drawn together again. The result of the referendum was very close and a new round of battles could irreparably split the country even to the point where the UK might fall part. This would be a terrible price to pay for the referendum outcome.

As is well known the majority of the House of Commons is against the very idea of leaving the EU in the first place. Putting that group in charge of the negotiations is therefore not wise - for what would be negotiated would be something that was leaving in name only. 

It could be possible, in theory, to have the negotiations done by those who actually won the referendum. But that would mean bringing in all those Leave people and, horror of horrors, parts of Ukip, which is something that bien pensant thinking just isn't going to do, is it? 

All in all we'd say this is a nice attempt to nullify the referendum but not one that we should fall for.