On the merit of a bacon roll and a cup of coffee

It’s entirely possible for us to observe something out there which we approve of without our then deciding to go and spend more of other peoples’ money on that very thing. That we approve of. Our approval not being sufficient justification for that spending of other peoples’ money, naturally.

Before those resources of our fellow citizens are expended rather more justification needs to be done. Which is where this idea fails:

The Conservatives need to take inspiration from Greggs to beat Labour at the next election, a rising star Tory MP has said.

Tom Tugendhat, tipped as a future leader, hailed the high street bakery for the way its staff were able to share in its profits.

Speaking to the Social Market Foundation think tank, he suggested using public money to reward companies who reward their staff "like Greggs".

Mr Tugendhat said: “I like the way it's run. The employees of that bakery get a share not just in the profit of their own labour but in the output of the firm as a whole.

"After six months they get profit share and a chance to take part in a share save scheme that allows them to buy in at a discounted rate."...

We would hope that those who rise further than our just having heard of them would work through such justifications. That Mr, Tugendhat likes what Greggs does is not a good enough reason for our money to be spent upon it.

It is entirely possible that profit share schemes are a good idea, we certainly rather approve of them. But then the underlying assumption is that such make firms more efficient. The logical consequence of which is that profit sharing firms will outcompete non-such and thus will take over the economy. That is, if the justification usually given holds up then we need to nothing at all to see the practice spread. It’s only if the justification is untrue that privilege need be granted.

That he likes it is not enough that we must pay for it.

However, there is something on which we agree. If any political party were to rise to the level of being able to provide a bacon roll and a cup of coffee, hot and on time, at a price millions wish to pay, this would be an improvement upon all extant political parties so, yes, learn from Greggs by all means.