Organic food is worse for the environment

Not that this should be much of a surprise to anyone but nice to see it confirmed again. Organic food is worse for the environment than conventionally farmed.

Organic food is not better than other produce in Britain because food standards are already so high, a leading expert in food sustainability has said.

Professor Louise Fresco, author of Hamburgers in Paradise, argues that European standards mean that pesticides are used so far before the harvest that no residues remain when they reach shoppers.

She also warns that organic farmers are wasting land by not using fertilisers which boost crops and says there is little evidence to show organic food is healthier.

99.9% of the pesticides in food are those naturally created by the plant itself: to avoid it being eaten by all the little beasties that proliferate out there in the countryside. 
Modern conventional farming applies so little in the way of extra pesticides at any point anywhere close to where they will still be in the food at the point of being eaten that it's not really measurable. 

Organic and pesticides is not really an issue.

It is true that there seem to be certain health benefits to organic milk: this is not a result of it being organic though. Rather, organic farmers sow clover into their grass as a fertiliser and it is the cows eating that which raises the Omega-3 content. Conventional farming which used clover in the same manner would achieve exactly the same result.

And then of course there is that pesky fact that organic yields are lower, meaning that more land must be used for any particular level of output. And that, of course, means less land available to be enjoyed by all those other little beasties out in said countryside.

Which leaves us with why Britons spend the thick end of £2 billion a year on such nonsense. People are entirely at liberty to spend their money exactly as they wish and so they should be. But we would suggest that here they're really falling prey to a particularly effective snow job by the Soil Association. The only people who really benefit here are the organic producers who get to charge higher prices by engendering that terribly smug feeling in their customers. By all means participate if you wish but do recognise what is going on.