Renaming libertarianism - a competition


Suppose you decided that the word "libertarianism" doesn't work for the free market, classical liberal movement in this country. You like all the ideas and all, but the word is too unwieldy or has too many negative connotations to be useful to promoting those ideas. You want to rename libertarianism with an equally "big tent" word or term. So, what would you use instead? 

We'd like to hear your ideas. In the comments, post the word or term you'd suggest as an alternative, with a few lines explaining your thinking if you like. We know that people respond to incentives, so the suggestion that we like the most will win an Adam Smith medal.

One entry per email address, please. There are no rules about the content of your entry and you can enter and win from anywhere in the world. (Although I'll pre-empt the hilarious "insanity/stupidity", etc, entries now – no need to waste your energy repeating old jokes!). If two people suggest the same word, we'll choose the best justification (be concise, please). The competition will be open until next Thursday at 00:01. I'm trying to be precise, here – no BBC competition scandals for us!

I'll write a blogpost elaborating on the thinking behind this when we announce the winner.