Could someone let us in on what the problem is here?


That people, of whatever background, chromosome arrangement, melanin enhancement or any of the other ways that we distinguish between people, should be both allowed and encouraged to do what they want with their lives we consider to be the basis of a free and liberal society. Not just the basis, but essential to having that freedom and liberty in fact. But we do find ourselves rather puzzled at times:

Women still face unfair barriers to reaching senior levels of the Labour party, according to the Fabian Society, which found that just one in 10 of the party’s top staff and one in six of its council leaders are female.

The leftwing political thinktank said women make up 36% of Labour’s councillors, 30% of constituency party chairs, 16% of council leaders and 11% of the most senior Labour staff – defined as the executive directors, regional directors, the general secretary, and the leader’s chief of staff.

Labour has increased its proportion of female MPs to 43% through the use of all-women shortlists. But the Fabian study found that in areas where there is no positive discrimination, representation of women falls away.

In a survey of members, the researchers discovered female respondents reporting higher dissatisfaction with intrusion into their personal life and high costs of standing for office.

Just what is the problem here?

An MP earns three times the median wage. We know of no job in the UK which pays three times median wage which is not difficult to gain. Any and every job which offers such rewards takes effort and determination to ascend to. And if people decide that that effort isn't worth it, that there's other things to do in life rather than try to grab the brass ring then so what? That's the mark of a free and liberal society that everyone gets to make that decision for themselves.