Hillary stumbles


hillary_obama_2.jpgThe Potomac primaries made it eight in a row for Barack Obama. What must be very worrying to the Clinton camp is the breadth of support he showed in most constituencies. The BBC reported that:

Exit polls conducted for AP in Virginia suggested Mr Obama had won the support of two-thirds of men and almost six in 10 women. Mr Obama also made gains with women voters, who have been a core constituency for Mrs Clinton in past contests, and with white men and Latino voters.

These wins give Barack Obama a lead in delegates, enough to wipe out Hillary Clinton's lead among the 'super delegates,' the 796 establishment figures and party hacks whose votes are added to those of the elected delegates. Wisconsin next, but the Clinton hopes are that Ohio and Texas will halt the Obama bandwagon. Texas might not be as good for Hillary as she hopes, though. Delegate numbers per district are based on previous voter turnout, and Hispanics, her 'secret weapon,' had a low turnout last time.

It has been surprising to see her turn from a challenge into a rather faded establishment figure. Her manicured campaign, crafted to each teardrop, has wilted under the onslaught of the fresh-faced newcomer promising to bring real change. Senator Obama won't do that, of course. It will be high taxes and high federal spending, as it will under any of the main contenders. But at least his election will help to change the world's image of America.