Labour isn't working


The latest figures released by the Department of Work and Pensions show a telling but frightening story as to the societal damage New Labour have inflicted upon Britain. According to the data, over a million people have been on constant state benefits since 1997 whilst another 1.9 million have been on benefits for over seven years.

These results are not as surprising once New Labour’s welfare policies have been inspected. Although they claim to support the most vulnerable in society they seem to have penalised them at every opportunity. State benefits are set at a level where it is more beneficial for an individual to remain on them rather than seek employment. And, if they do find work, they are hit almost straight away by an income tax that penalises them for earning. This is not just damaging to the economy, but it is hugely damaging to society and individuals as long term unemployment often leads to unrest within communities and families. There are teenagers in Britain who have never had a working parent with similar prospects for themselves.

This is further evidence that a free-market system with greater incentives and scope for efficiency creates a fairer society. Once again, socialists have undermined the very people they are supposed to protect. Labour claims to be the party of the working classes, yet every post- war Labour government has finished with unemployment higher than when they started. This is undeniable evidence that Labour has had a negative impact upon society. But will voters learn from their mistakes? I very much doubt it.