No nanny no more

Britons do not like nanny.  Despite decades of her telling us what foods we should eat, how much we should drink, and what lifestyles are safe, a majority of us wish she'd stop.  This is the finding of a new poll commissioned by the ASI.  Its full findings are well worth a look, but here's a snapshot.

71% agree that "It's up to me, rather than the government, to secure myself a job," and only 7% disagree.

51% agree that "I think most of my retirement pension will probably come from a pension fund I have saved myself," compared with the 22% who disagree.

Housing divides on party lines, with a majority of Labour voters agreeing that government has a duty to provide it, and a majority of Tory voters disagreeing.

Should government provide advice on what foods people like me should eat and how much to drink?  48% disagree and 22% agree.

The statement that "Politicians and Civil servants are well-equipped to make personal decisions on my behalf" finds only 9% in agreement, versus 65%who disagree.

Would young people like to run their own business?  Of the Of the 18-24 age- group, 49% agreed, versus 27% who did not.  Among 25- 39 year-olds some 44% agreed that they would like to do this, versus 30% who disagreed.

It seems that despite all the nannying, the British prefer to make their own decisions, and young people might well be out there creating the new businesses for our future prosperity.

The full paper can be seen here.