Who's in control?


altAlthough the political show of resignations, reshuffles and elections is damaging Gordon Brown and the Labour party to their core, there needs to be a rapid solution or conclusion if Britain is to move forward 

At the moment we are a country lacking any clear government, leadership or direction. Gordon Brown has taken his hands off the helm and we are heading straight for shallow water. We clearly need a change of government, in a recent poll 66% of people said they would like an immediate election if Gordon Brown stood down. However, we live in a country where the wishes of the people have little part to play in governance. We are currently in limbo – if there was a terrorist attack in London or a flash flood, would the government really be in a position to respond? Party politics is clearly a major distraction from fixing past mistakes.

It would be easy to think that as long the Labour party are concentrating on damaging each other at least they aren’t focussing on damaging us. But we currently have a government wielding huge power but with no clear idea what to do with it. If there is one thing we have learnt from the past month, it is that we need to limit the power of the government and introduce much greater levels of transparency and accountability.