Expect Change4Life


It seems TIGA, the European game makers association, is a might peeved with a campaign by the UK government called Change4Life. The first advert from these people shows a child with a gamepad in its hand to highlight "health risks" of game playing. Sega and Atari are both asking for the government to defend the advert's claims. Both TIGA and the MCV have filed a complaint with the advertising standards commission over the advertisement.

 In the complaint TIGA has stated the following:

In contrast, many video games are mentally stimulating, potentially educational and social and some involve physical exercise. Brain Training, Wii Fit, Civilisation, Singstar and Buzz are cases in point.

Considering the game industry is one of the few things still doing fairly well in the UK, it's odd that the Government is trying to hurt the industry's sales by such shock tactics. Is this yet another case of one government department (Health), not clearing something with the other (BERR) first?

Considering the exodus of UK firms away from the high taxation of Brown's government, another incentive like this one isn't exactly well timed.