A teeny tiny bit of self-promotion

When I agreed to write this blog at the start of the week it was intended to be on the importance of detailed scrutiny of the Government during the Brexit negotiations - with a focus on a small but important issue at the UK-Irish border.

But today didn't go quite go to plan...

Instead of guiding the news to Adam Smith objectives I ended up becoming the story after making a light-hearted joke on Channel 4 last night.

So instead of a post on the intricacies of Border Inspection Posts you get a whole load of self-promotion!

The house was successfully divided. Good amounts of abuse and praise came my way on Twitter and then the papers caught it. The Telegraph picked it up straight away, Guido covered it, with other news pieces in The Sun, the Daily Mail, the HuffPo and the Evening Standard.

I'm now off for a weekend away - so all my love and a promise of a more detailed and relevant blog-post next time will have to do!