So this offshore tax evasion isn't a major thing then?

We think this is an interesting little snippet of news:

Twenty-two people face civil and criminal investigations into suspected tax evasion following the disclosure of the Panama Papers, the chancellor has told MPs.

Philip Hammond also said a further 43 wealthy individuals were under review while their links to the offshore files were investigated further. He made the comments in a written answer to the House of Commons explaining what had happened since the offshore tax files emerged.

A whole 22 people, eh?

This is the result of the largest data dump in history (copyright The Guardian), entire forests were levelled to provide the newsprint to report on it and we've got the goods, the evidence, that an entire 22 people have been naughty little boys'n'gals?

This is, quite literally, the same sort of number as those struck by lightning each year in the UK.

No, we're not arguing that offshore tax evasion is good, quite apart from anything else it's illegal. But it's not actually obvious that it's a major problem, is it?